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Ciaciarelli Instrument Repairs

I have been a high school and middle school band director for 36 years. Seeing the needs of schools and parents, I have been a wind instrument repairman for 22 years.    

     Specializing in all wind instruments
     Located in Brick N.J.
     Phone: 732-477-4829     email: aciaciarelli@verizon.net


Repairs of $50.00 or less will be completed without a phone call for prior approval. All repairs over $50.00 will receive a phone call for prior approval, and an explanation of the repair.

          Common Repairs:
           Clarinet tenon or mouthpiece corks          $20.00
           Sax neck cork                                             $25.00


An overhaul is when a woodwind instrument is disassembled and all the pads are changed, leveled, and seated.  All necessary repairs are included such as cork, springs, silencers, and minor dents.  In order to keep the overhaul cost down, parts or corks in good condition will not be changed.

       Overhaul Pricing

         Piccolo       $220.00
         Flute          $180.00

         Soprano     $180.00
         Alto            $275.00
         Bass           $320.00

         Soprano     $420.00
         Alto            $420.00
         Tenor         $500.00
         Bari            $625.00