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Vocal Stars


February 21-23 – Onstage New York Vocal Competition (Sewell, NJ)
April 24-26 – TrueTalent Vocal Competition (Jackson, NJ)

Competitive “Vocal Stars” Teams
By Audition Only
Featuring elite singers from our academy who excel in vocal technique, poise and stage presence. These students compete for top honors and recognition at the regional and national level.

How does a student become a member of the Vocal Stars?
There are two ways to become a member:
1.     An MMDA instructor may recommend their student to audition.  The student will receive an invitation, pending acceptance.
2.     Outside students will have the opportunity to audition for the vocal teams as well.

Where and how often do the members perform?
Members will perform at various competitions at the regional and national level such as Access Broadway, Starbound, True Talent etc. Members will also have opportunities to perform at local events and private venues. Our staff works diligently to book as many gigs as possible. There may be months where students may perform often and months where there are little to no performances.  It all depends on what events are happening locally and who requests entertainment.
What is expected of a student who is invited to join the vocal teams?
If a student is invited to join a team, he/she will be expected to attend ALL rehearsals, thus contributing and participating on a professional and poised level. Students are required to take one half our private lesson per week in addition to the hour group lesson. Our Vocal Stars are considered elite groups. It is to be taken seriously just like any sports team or competitive dance team, etc.
Is there a monthly fee for the Vocal Stars Teams?  If so, what does it include?
Yes, there is a monthly fee for the team.  It includes:
●      One private lesson per week with a personally selected instructor.
●      One group lesson per week with our Vocal Stars instructor
●      Year round performance opportunities at local venues (The Saint, Beach Bar, The Stone Pony), community events (Wall Fair, Manasquan Fireman’s Fair, Performances on the Beach, etc.), and MMDA Recitals.
Please note there will be separate fees for competition performances.

What should a student expect to experience in the weekly group lesson?
●      The team director will focus on collaborative group performance material and assess each student.  She will also collaborate with their respective vocal coaches to focus on solo performance work for competitions and performances outside the academy.
●      Students should expect to receive extensive vocal training and stage presence practice. Students will perform the songs they are working on and will receive suggestions and support from their peers, as well.
Are there any additional fees?
Yes, MMDA will inform all families of any fees required for competing.

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