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Ryan Thompson Instrument Repairs

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Located in Belmar


Luthier Services

Guitar, Bass, & Strings:

Set Ups, Repairs and Modifications

Authorized D'Addario dealer

All parts and labor subject to NJ sales tax.


- String change 

- Truss rod (neck) adjustment 

- General cleaning/ waxing

- String height (action) adjustment at the nut and bridge

- Fret polishing 

- Fingerboard cleaning/ oiling or waxing

- Set intonation 

- Electronics check

- Hardware tightening

- Pickup height adjustment



Acoustic and electric guitar/ bass: 50.00 + cost of strings 

*12 string and Floyd Rose add 20.00

Upright bass, cello, violin: 70.00 + cost of strings 


Common Repairs: Acoustic and electric guitar/ bass 

Replace nut: Handmade ebony, rosewood, or maple: 90.00 (set up and nut material included)

Replace Bridge: Electric: 70.00 + parts (set up included)

Acoustic 120.00 + parts (set up included)

Replace tuners: 70.00 + parts (set up included)

Replace Volume or tone pot: 30.00 + parts

Replace jack: 30.00 + parts

Replace switch: 30.00 + parts

Fret Leveling: 125.00 and up 

Refret: 225.00 and up