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Music Programs

Music Programs

String Quartet

Intermediate cello, violin and viola students welcome to try the string quartet/group which meets Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm.

Rock Shops

Aspiring musicians of all ages come together to form real bands and ensembles for the unique experience of playing music with others and performing outside of the studio. Grouped by age, ability, and musical preference, these classes meet once a week for either one hour, or an hour and a half, depending on age and ability. These groups are led by MMDA master instructor(s).

We strongly encourage all rock shop students to take a weekly private lesson to harness their fundamentals skills and technique to then be applied in the group class.

Focus topics include: team work, stage presence, performance preparation, band/ensemble etiquette, and equipment preparation.

*Singers, guitarists, bassists, pianists, percussionists welcome*

Jazz House

Come join us in exploring the world of Jazz in a combo setting. This class will allow you to perform Jazz Standards and music from all eras of Jazz in a small group setting. Demystify the art of jazz improvisation. The class will begin with the blues offering techniques for students to begin enjoying musical creativity from the first lesson. Pre-requisite to the class is a competency in basic scales.

Jazz is one of our richest treasures; join us in exploring and continuing the tradition.

This class requires the student to have a strong working knowledge of their instrument. All instruments are encouraged and welcome; rhythm section, horns and vocalists!!

Jazz Combo/Improv

Jazz improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating fresh melodies over the cycle of chord changes. Students feed off one another to create original music and learn not only from the instructor, but from each other! Instruments include: guitar, bass, sax, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, drums. This class meets once a week for one hour and is best suited for students ages 12-15. 

Adult Rock Shop

Come rock out with Matt Brown's Adult Rock Shops. Whether you want to finally play in a group setting, pick up that guitar you haven't touched in years, or just want o learn something new, this program is for you! This class includes 1 hour group sessions and a 30 minute additional private lesson. Performance opportunities available! 

All levels are welcome, ages 18+.

Sax Ensemble

Intermediate/Advanced Sax group (alto/tenor/barti) with saxophonist Jonathan Wintringham

Group Voice

Our Group Voice program consists of an hour and a half group voice lesson per week on Wednesdays 4-5:30pm. Students will learn the fundamentals of vocal study by participating in games, group performance and solo work activities. Our group vocal class will have the opportunity to work on their favorite genres of music, culminating in two showcases: winter and spring. All ability levels are welcome and encouraged. Our philosophy is that students will gain confidence, and vocal/performance skills by actively listening and interacting in a group setting.


This class is best suited for ages 6-10

Private Music Lessons

Students meet with his/her instructor once per week, for either 30 or 60 minutes lessons. Private lessons run year round.


We provide many performance opportunities throughout the year allowing our music students to showcase what they’ve been working on.

Group classes including rock shops, jazz house, adult rock shop, string quartet, & vocalists are eligible to perform at various shows throughout the year. These include local restaurant performances such as Asbury Ale House, Brielle Ale House, The Headliner, House of Independents, Langosta Lounge, Leggets, Rella’s, Reef and Barrel, River Rock, Tim McLoones Supper Club, and The Saint.

Students also perform at annual events including Wall Fair, Manasquan Firemen’s Fair, Big Sea Day, BMW Car Show, and Manasquan Candy Cane Hunt.

All students are invited to perform at our annual Spring Recital in June at Algonquin Arts Theatre.

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