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Zoom Instructions for Students 

  1. Create a Zoom account on www.zoom.us or using the Zoom app  
  2. Download Zoom to your device: https://zoom.us/download 
  3. At the time of your lesson, login to your Zoom account and select “Join a Meeting” at the top of your screen 
  4. Enter your instructor’s Personal Meeting ID and select “Join” 
  5. You will then be directed to your instructor’s Video Meeting through Zoom to begin your lesson 
  6. You will momentarily be placed in an online “Waiting Room” until your instructor accepts you into the Video Meeting
  7. At the end of your lesson, simply select “Leave Meeting” 


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Some Trouble-Shooting Tips 

  • Check your WiFi/internet connection before your lesson 
    • If possible, set yourself up near your WiFi router for a stronger connection and easy access in case of technical issues 
  • If you are unable to hear your instructor/student, make sure your device’s volume is raised and/or if coming from an external device, properly connected
  • Test your camera and microphone in the Zoom Video Meeting 
    • The option appears under the “Mute” settings in the launched Video Meeting 
    • A short test will run to make sure your camera and microphone are working properly 
  • Utilize the “Chat” feature in the Video Meeting if there are technical difficulties on either end 


Instructor Information

Instructor Zoom Personal Meeting ID
All Dance Classes 765-552-4763
David Abraham 802-976-8347
Kayla Bogan 658-581-0524
Bryan Brosen 690-042-0673
Robert Butkowski 597-210-4439
Joe Caroselli 720-172-4831
Erin Clemente 232-559-2660
Evan Courtney 670-594-8089
Louis D’Alotto 781-323-8953
Sara Elmer 859-613-8946
Raymond Flores 293-600-4485
Amanda Galluzzo 991-467-8492
Chris Hensel 970-343-1845
Peter Houdalis 869-563-1010
Angela Koch 289-413-6576
Mike Kaminski 571-124-2375
Ryan LeChien 478-371-4790
Adam Malarich 723-623-4887
Phil Marflak 208-620-8529
Matt McDermott 721-189-2216
Doug Miller 709-874-1364
Tessa O’Boyle 696-872-8743
Tim Ogunbiyi 250-746-2337
James Pellegrino 227-928-1643
Andrew Rubano 950-606-8536
Matt Smith 234-680-2495
Don Swinchoski 616-963-9911
Ryan Thompson 801-287-8682
Ryan Wiemken 466-728-1721
Bill Whitefield 901-040-6204
Jon Wintringham 366-077-7289