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Taylor Bogan, Voice

Taylor Bogan is Vocal Director of MMDA and is a graduate of Monmouth University, with a BA in Theatre and a minor in Musical Theatre. She has studied voice under both Neal Harrelson and Tom Rexdale (former president of the New York Singing Teacher's Association) focusing on Broadway, Pop and Rock music. Taylor has coached private and group/competitive singers and actors since the age of 19, when she opened her first performing arts program. Taylor has been working professionally since the age of seven and has been featured in various commercials and TV. Taylor spent the summer of 2015 touring as a backup vocalist for the Australian recording artist Turk Tresize. She was also a vocalist in the world premiere stage production of R. Kelly's "Trapped in a Closet" at the historic Strand Theater. Favorite roles include Meg in "Crimes of the Heart", Woman 1 in "Working: The Musical", Little Red in "Into the Woods" (Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star nominee) and Olive Ostrovsky in "Spelling Bee" at Shadow Lawn Stage. Taylor is an Equity Membership Candidate.