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MMDA is where excellent technique, rigorous training, and creativity meets our local community in a unique way unlike any other studio. Whether a student wants to pursue a professional career in the performing arts industry or just wants to learn dance for enjoyment, MMDA is a studio that offers the opportunity to do so in a warm and encouraging environment.

We help our dancers reach their fullest potential by training them to connect both mind and body through fluid dance movements. We strive to incorporate versatility and improvisation to give our students the freedom to express themselves without limitations. We are dedicated in providing the highest form of dance education  by offering specialized master classes in ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, tap, ballroom, modern (Martha Graham technique), and musical theater from Sept-May ending in a final performance showcase.

Unlike other ordinary dance studios, we provide dancers with the opportunity to train with world-renowned choreographers throughout the United States. These artists will hold auditions for the serious student periodically throughout the year giving them the opportunity to enter elite competitions which will open up opportunities to advance their career in dance.



Jazz: Jazz dance combines techniques of ballet with modern and current forms of popular dance. Jazz dance also has its own vocabulary and movement styles.  Emphasis is on the importance of musicality, rhythm and style. Each level of Jazz increases in difficulty.

Elite Production: This is a fun and energetic elite class which will explore traditional, Broadway and contemporary styles to be performed on stage and competitively. Focus will be on proper technique, stretching and development of performance skills. By audition only.

Ballet & Techniques

Ballet I: This class is the child’s first introduction to formal ballet, with focus on barre, center floor exercise, stretch, strengthening, and balance. Musicality as well as classical ballet vocabulary will be emphasized.

Ballet II*: Advanced barre and center floor work is continued with greater emphasis on correct technique and terminology.

Advanced Ballet*: This class is dedicated to teaching correct technique and terminology, challenging the student with more complex combinations at the barre and center. Students may be evaluated for pointe work at this time focusing on legs (strength and straightness), feet (flexibility, strength and shape), ankles (strength and straightness) and overall body alignment.

Pointe: Dancing on pointe requires strength and skill, so evaluation from the instructor is necessary. Technique class is also required to take pointe class.

Technique, Turn, & Jump*: This class is dedicated to learning, improving, and perfecting technique in jumps, kicks and turns. Strength, stretching and flexibility are combined to improve dancers’ power.

* – required classes for Elite Team members.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop class combines street dance with funk and jazz. Students will learn the importance of isolations, musicality and dynamics to execute energetic expression. No other dance experience is necessary.

Attire:  Basic gym clothes/sneakers, comfortable clothing to allow movement.




Tap classes concentrate on the fundamentals of rhythm, timing and musicality. Beginner classes focus on the isolations of the heels and toes, correct body placement and vocabulary. Intermediate classes further develop skills as well as clarity of sound and increasing speed.

Contemporary/Lyrical & Modern

Modern I: (beginner/advanced beginner) This is a first introduction to Modern dance where children can creatively explore movement through space following the styles of Graham and Horton. Modern combines strength and stretching to lengthen the dancer’s body.

Modern II: (intermediate/advanced) This class is for the dancer who enjoys intricate and physically complicated floor work as well as self-expression. Skills from Modern I will be developed further. By audition or instructor recommendation only.

Contemporary/Lyrical: This class introduces students to the amazing capabilities of the body as a means of artistic expression. Lyrical dance uses emotions and the mood of the music to elicit movement. Basic concepts of modern, Afro-American, and improvisation will be presented. Strength, spatial awareness,flexibility and rhythm will be developed.

Foxy Ballerina

3-5 yrs old

Foster a love of beginning ballet and creative movement with this fun and energetic class.
Instructors will keep your children happily engaged while learning basic dance movements.

Adult Ballet

All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced! This traditional ballet class focuses on toning, flexibility, lengthening and technique!

Unique Kids Creative Dance

All Ages are Welcome! This class is open to students with developmental, cognitive and/or physical disabilities, or emotional needs. Students learn to listen to the music and dance to the rhythm using props and creative movements!

‘Unique Kids’ Creative Movement!

At Manasquan Music & Dance Academy, we are committed to bringing the joy and benefits of dance to special needs children and teens. Our “Unique Kids” dance class caters to students with developmental, cognitive and/or physical disabilities, or emotional disabilities.

  • Every Friday 5:00-6:00pm
  • Children ages 5 and up

Each class is taught by the Dance Director, Laraine Kauffman and an additional assistant.


*The class:

The class begins with a warm up exercise and moves to a combination in center, and across the floor. We incorporate music and props to help engage the students and keep it create!

We finish the class with fun games that challenge the students to put sounds, rhythm and counts together.

Through the use of patterns, sequencing, and repetition, students will learn specific dance combinations in creative movement: ballet, hip hop, tap, and jazz.

Our classes help the children improve their motor skills, confidence, and socialization. It also allows the student to gain balance, body control and express their emotions.

The students will be encouraged to show off all they have learned and perform in a Spring Recital, Christmas Show, and other events throughout the year!


*Sister & Brotherly Love Program

This program allows responsible and dedicated MMDA students to work as peer mentors with the ‘Unique Kids’ students.  Those accepted into the program will participate with the children in class as well as the performances throughout the year, while receiving community service


Baby Ballet/Tap

Ages 2-3

This class introduces a structured dance environment while allowing the children to enjoy creative and imaginative movement focusing on rhythm, gross motor coordination, and beginning dance skills in both ballet and tap.


Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which blends the dynamic leaps, turns, and jumps of acrobatics with the grace of dance.

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